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All tours in Prague

All tours in Prague - preview image

Prague offers relaxed atmosphere, breathtaking views, rich history, the great Emperor Charles IV, Jewish Quarter, The Astronomical Clock. See it all on your guided tour. Group or private - we offer both.

All Day trips from Prague

All Day trips from Prague - preview image

Top-rated tours in Czechia aim to get you familiarized with our beloved country: group or private tours will take you to the concentration camp Terezín, spa Karlovy Vary, scenic Český Krumlov or Kutná Hora with its famous Ossuary.

Tours to Prague Castle

Tours to Prague Castle - preview image

The monumental Prague Castle is much loved by the Czech and the whole world. Visit the largest ancient castle in the world. Some tours are with admissions. As locals, we ae very proud of the castle and its history.

Tours to Charles Bridge

Tours to Charles Bridge - preview image

Emperor Charles IV. was very busy during his days. Walk on the 14th century Charles Bridge and feel the history pouring into you...Fall in love with the views of the Prague Castle standing proudly above the bridge.

Guided tours in Prague

Guided tours in Prague - preview image

Explore Prague, discover the most attractive places and learn about their history. Friendly guides will introduce you to the most important things, tell you interesting stories, and recommend local attractions.

Private tours in Prague

Private tours in Prague - preview image

Just you and your guide! Get to know the most beautiful places in Prague in private or only with your loved ones. Safe anti-covid tours with knowledgeable guides will ensure you unforgettable moments on the most attractive spots.

Old Town Square tours

Old Town Square tours - preview image

Visit the most beautiful square in Prague! A must-see for all lovers of history and architecture. See the unique medieval Astronomical Clock adorning the Old Town City Hall, Church of Our Lady before Týn, or magnificent St Nicholas church.

Historical center tours

Historical center tours - preview image

Take a walk around the very heart of Prague. From the Old Town, most ancient Prague´s quarter, through picturesque Jewish Quarter, across magic Charles Bridge, you will get to Lesser Town and the biggest castle complex in the world, Prague Castle.

Jewish Quarter tours

Jewish Quarter tours - preview image

Choose your Prague Jewish Quarter tour. You will get to know the most ancient synagogue in Europe, The Jewish Ceremonial Hall, the famous Old Jewish Cemetery, and other monuments that survived the Nazi occupation.

Prague Lesser Town tours

Prague Lesser Town tours - preview image

Wander around Prague Lesser Town, the most romantic quarter of Prague abounding with magnificent palaces and gardens. You will see the breathtaking St Nicholas church and picturesque Kampa Island with the famous Lennon Wall.

Vyšehrad tours

Vyšehrad tours - preview image

Get to know Vyšehrad, the oldest settlement in Prague, home to the first Czech kings and place where Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, or Alfons Mucha got buried. Vyšehrad park offers a 360-degree view of Prague, so enjoy breathtaking views of the city!

Special tours

Special tours - preview image

Do you want to get to know Prague while enjoying your daily portion of running? Or will you become a professional Prague photographer for a while? Choose from some specialized and unique tours and experience Prague differently!

Sightseeing cruises

Sightseeing cruises - preview image

Take a boat tour and enjoy unique views of Prague´s most beautiful sights. Whether you treat yourself to a romantic dinner on board or choose an hour-long guided cruise, you will get to know Prague from the river Vltava like never before from its banks.

World War II tours

World War II tours - preview image

How did the people of Prague live during World War II? How did they resist the horrors of the occupation? Discover memorable places in Prague, where the dramatic moments of World War II took place, get to know the brave heroes of that time.

Bus tours in Prague

Bus tours in Prague - preview image

Bus tours of Prague are a great way to quickly get to know the city and get a basic orientation. Explore Prague Old Town, Prague New Town, the Lesser Town, Prague Castle, and other beautiful parts of Prague without having to get off the bus.

Food & Drinks tours

Food & Drinks tours - preview image

Would you like to taste what we Czechs like to eat? Knowledgeable guides will show you where to try the best specialties of Czech cuisine. Visit some of Prague’s famous historical breweries and indulge in an array of Bohemia’s finest beers.

Museums & galleries

Museums & galleries - preview image

Book your tickets to the most attractive Prague museums and art galleries. Discover the rich collections of the world and Czech painters, see extraordinary works by contemporary local artists. Get to know Prague´s cultural richness.

Private tours from Prague

Private tours from Prague - preview image

Just you and your guide! Get to know the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic in private or only with your loved ones. Safe anti-covid tours with knowledgeable guides will ensure you'll have unforgettable moments on attractive spots.

Guided tours from Prague

Guided tours from Prague - preview image

Explore the Czech Republic, discover the most attractive places and learn about their history. Friendly and knowledgable guides will introduce you to the most important things, tell you interesting stories, and recommend local attractions.

Český Krumlov tours

Český Krumlov tours - preview image

Don´t miss the most popular day trip from Prague! Český Krumlov is a magic UNESCO-listed town located in the south of the Czech Republic. Get lost in its romantic narrow aisles, admire Renaissance frescos, see the fairy-tale Český Krumlov Chateau.

Kutná Hora tours

Kutná Hora tours - preview image

Only one hour away from Prague, you will discover a uniquely preserved medieval silver mining city with the Gothic masterpiece, the Cathedral of St Barbara. If you like unusual things, don´t miss the macabre Bone Chapel in nearby Sedlec.

Karlovy Vary tours

Karlovy Vary tours - preview image

Book your tour to Karlovy Vary and spend a great day in the most famous Czech spa town. Admire the splendid buildings, enjoy the elegance of its collonades, taste Becherovka liqueur and spa wafers, visit Moser glassworks factory, and much more.

Terezín tours

Terezín tours - preview image

The Terezín Memorial honors the victims of the Nazi persecution during WWII. Although the exhibition is emotionally draining, it carries an important message. At these awful times, facing death daily, the prisoners kept a strong will to live and love.

Group discounts

Group discounts - preview image

Make use of discounts for groups. We offer discounted tickets for groups of 10+ people. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to negotiate the best possible price for you. Just choose your tour, we will take care of the rest.

Karlštejn Castle tours

Karlštejn Castle tours  - preview image

Get online tickets for Karlštejn Castle tour, one of the most beautiful and famous Czechia's castles founded in the 14th century by the Emperor Charles IV. See the magical Karlštejn town,enjoy the surroundings of the castle.