Karlovy Vary Tours: explore wonderful Czech spa Karlovy Vary. See Moser glass factory.

Book your day trip to Karlovy Vary and let your guide show you splendid spa colonnades and the best photo spots. Admire magnificent Karlovy Vary architecture.

Prague to Karlovy Vary Tour

Private Tour in English, French, German, Spanish or Russian

Let the guide take you to the biggest spa town in the Czech Republic with its marvelous architecture and romantic atmosphere.

December 09 | 09:00 (Thu)
Duration: 480 minutes
from 378 € (9828 CZK)

Karlovy Vary - Premiant eGuide

Bus Tour with audio guide in nine languages

Spend a day in the most beautiful Czech spa renowned for its Moser crystal, porcelain and herbal liqueur Becherovka.

December 10 | 08:45 (Fri)
Duration: 570 minutes
from 47 € (1220 CZK)

Karlovy Vary incl. lunch

Bus Tour in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Karlovy Vary: one of the most beautiful spa towns in Europe. Lovely colonnades. Tranquil atmosphere.

December 10 | 09:30 (Fri)
Duration: 540 minutes
from 65 € (1700 CZK)

Wonderful Czech spa Karlovy Vary

Spend a great day in the most famous Czech spa town Karlovy Vary. Walk around the Karlovy Vary historic center with your guide. Admire the splendid buildings, enjoy the elegance of its collonades, visit Moser glassworks factory, and much more.

Enjoy the day trip to Karlovy Vary

Book your Karlovy Vary tour and enjoy the most beautiful Czech spa renowned for its Moser crystal, porcelain, and herbal liqueur Becherovka. Visit the Moser glass factory, taste the healing hot springs. Take photos of the magnificent colonnades. 

Explore Karlovy Vary with a guide

Come to know Karlovy Vary with a friendly guide. The spa town of Karlovy Vary is situated about 100 km west of Prague. The healing power of the local springs has enjoyed, among others, the Russian Tsar Peter the Great and German poet J. W. Goethe.