Terezín Concentration Camp tours and tickets: learn about World War II.

Learn about the moving history of Terezín, originally a military fortress, later a Nazi concentration camp.



Bus Tour in English Language

Half-day bus trip to Terezín, a concentration camp and ghetto established by the SS during the WWII

January 21 | 12:30 (Fri)
Duration: 6 hours
From 48 € (1250 CZK)


Bus Tour in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Pay your respects in Terezín, a concentration camp established during WWII, a stopover to the extermination camps.

January 21 | 12:45 (Fri)
Duration: 6 hours
From 54 € (1400 CZK)

Tours of Terezín Concentration Camp

Learn about the Czech-Jewish history, World War II, and the Holocaust while visiting Terezín concentration camp and town. You will visit Terezín´s monuments and museums and find hidden traces of its dark past. Pay your tribute to WW II victims.

Terezín and the Second World War

The Terezín Memorial honors the victims of the Nazi political and racial persecution during WWII. In 1947, the National Suffering Memorial got opened on the site of the former Terezín concentration camp. Later it was renamed Terezín Memorial. 

Get your Terezín tour tickets

A guided tour of the former concentration camp will show you the atrocities committed in Terezín. With your guide, you will see the Terezin concentration camp, learn about the history of Terezín before the Second World War and during the War.