Day Trips from Prague: tours to Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora, Karlovy Vary

Day Trips from Prague are a perfect way to explore the best of the Czech Republic.

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Kutná Hora - Premiant eGuide

Become your own guide and experience the day in Kutná Hora in your own pace. Breathtaking views, stunning cathedral, whimsical Sedlec Ossuary and your own free time in Kutná Hora!

Duration: approx. 7 hours
From 48 € (1150 CZK)per person


Half-day bus trip to Terezín, a concentration camp and ghetto established by the SS during the WWII. Incl. admissions to the site.

Duration: 6 hours
From 50 € (1200 CZK)per person


Pay your respects in Terezín, a concentration camp established during WWII, a stopover to the extermination camps.

Duration: 6 hours
From 54 € (1300 CZK)per person

Terezín Memorial

Let the history unfold in front of your eyes. Visit the concentration camp Terezín, originally a military fortress.

Duration: 5 hours
From 56 € (1350 CZK)per person

Český Krumlov

Popular full day trip from Prague: medieval town of lovely Český Krumlov in scenic Southern Bohemia with visit to the castle during summer/autumn period

Duration: 10 hours
From 75 € (1800 CZK)per person

Karlovy Vary and Watchtower Diana

Full day trip from Prague to the most popular Czech spa famous for its beautiful surroundings, Moser crystal, porcelain and "healing" liqueur Becherovka

Duration: approx. 10 hours
From 75 € (1800 CZK)per person

Explore Český Krumlov or Kutná Hora

Don´t miss popular day trips from Prague! Visit Český Krumlov, a magic UNESCO-listed town located in the south of the Czech Republic. Discover a uniquely preserved medieval city, Kutná Hora, with the Cathedral of St Barbara and Bone Chapel in nearby Sedlec.

Take a tour to splendid Karlovy Vary

Book your tour to Karlovy Vary and spend a great day in the most famous Czech spa town. An experienced guide will show you the most beautiful spots in Karlovy Vary. You will visit Moser glassworks factory, and much more.

Visit Karlštejn Castle or Hluboká 

Near Prague, you will find Karlštejn, a Disney-like medieval castle. Tour to Karlštejn is perfect if you love history and Gothic architecture. Book your tour to Hluboká, inspired by the Windsor Castle, probably the most beautiful chateau in the Czech Republic.