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Discover the rich collections of the world and Czech painters, see extraordinary works by contemporary local artists. 

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Slivovitz Museum

Learn about the history of the the typical Moravian and Bohemian alcoholic drink produced for centuries in the beautiful Slivovitz Museum. Including tasting!

Duration: 55 minutes
From 21 € (500 CZK)

The Jewish Town

Informative, interesting, full of history. Tour through the Jewish Quarter in Prague will make you wonder about the past...

Duration: 120 minutes
From 29 € (700 CZK)per person

Jewish Prague

During this walking tour you will see the only Central European Jewish town-quarter that survived the holocaust.

Duration: 120 minutes
From 29 € (700 CZK)per person

Museums and galleries in Prague

Book your tickets to attractive Prague museums and art galleries. Discover the rich collections of the world and Czech painters or contemporary local artists. The Bohemian Garnet Museum is located a few steps from the Charles Bridge and presents the history of the unique and highly demanded Czech garnet.

Private trips from Prague

Ideal if you don´t like crowds. Luxury car will take you to the best Czechia places. Your guide will show you hidden gems, tells you interesting facts and you can make as many stops as you like. See Karlštejn Castle and the dreamy Karlštejn hamlet, travel to Český Krumlov, the most visited city in Czechia after Prague.

Terezín Memorial tours from Prague

A guided tour from Prague of the former concentration camp will show you the atrocities committed in Terezín. See the Terezín concentration camp, learn about the history of Terezín before the Second World War and during the War, visit the Museum and Small Fortress. Acknowledge the past.