Prague Castle & St. Vitus Cathedral tour. Prague´s most visited sight.

On your tour, explore the largest ancient castle in the world and relax in the castle gardens.

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Take a walk around the overwhelming St. Vitus Cathedral, ancient St. George´s Basilica, explore the castle courtyards, palaces, museums, and gardens. The Prague Castle offers epic views, stunning architecture and interesting history. Admire the astonishing beauty of the place, which has been the seat of Czech kings, emperors, and presidents for thousands of years. Visit a midday classical music concert in Lobkowitz Palace

Private tours in Prague

Let your guide show you all the historical treasures of Prague. Discover Prague in your own space, ask as many questions as you want, relax and get into the core of the astonishing city. Take a walk in the New Town, visit the beautiful hidden gardens in Lesser Town, walk on the Charles Bridge, take a break and soak it all in. Visit the ancient synagogues in the former Jewish Ghetto. Stand in the Old Town Square and let the history tell you its secrets...

Guided tours in Prague

As a Prague based company, we make sure you see the best of Prague. We cooperate with the best tour operators in Prague, private tour guides, small family businesses which offer tailor-made services. Guides are certified, love what they do and are eager to show you Prague's most appealing spots. Meeting points are easiy to find, there is always a number to call in case of help and we offer various tour language options. Enjoy your Prague stay and experience.