Prague Opera Houses

Guided tours of the Estates Theatre, State Opera or the National Theatre. See the interiors of Prague's most beautiful theatre buildings.

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Guided tours in Prague's opera houses

Discover the most beautiful opera houses in Prague. Guided tours of the State Opera, the National Theatre or the Estates Theatre will show you the plentiful interiors and lovely premises. You will learn about the past, you'll hear stories about the buildings, artists connected to the buildings and so much more! Dive deep into the history of the treasured theatres! 

Discover Prague through eyes of local guides

Local guides will take you to the less known sights in Prague such as Vyšehrad or New Town area. Hear Prague legends, learn about turbulent Czech history during World War II and Communism era in the Czech Republic. Soak in the atmosphere of the hidden cafés and local pubs, sit down in the Jewish Quarter district and breathe in the rich history all around you. 

Romantic and picturesque Prague historical center

Nothing beats an early evening walk by the Vltava river with views of the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge or the National Theatre. Simply take a tram to Národní divadlo stop and you'll have all three sights close to you. Visit the Old Town, most ancient Prague part, picturesque Jewish Quarter or the Charles Bridge, all part of Prague historical center.