World War II in Prague tours and tickets

Visit St Cyril and Methodius Church, the location of the resistance of Czech paratroopers.

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Prague Anthropoid tours 

Why Hitler came to power? What role did Czechoslovakia play in the Third Reich, and what was life like during the Nazi occupation? Answers will give you an experienced guide who will show you some of the landmarks associated with World War II. Visit Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, the location of the last resistance of Czech paratroopers and find out what Operation Anthropoid was and who were the key players involved. 

Prague tours with local guides

Local guides are passionate about their job. They love showing Prague and are keen to answer all your questions. Here in Tours in Prague we cherish our cooperation with the guides, tour agencies and concert organizers with whom we have collaborated for 30 years. During a day, take a Prague tour and in the evening, visit opera in the famous Prague State Opera or the classical music concert in Spanish Synagogue in Jewish Quarter area. 

Tours from Prague - Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is the most picturesque UNESCO-listed town located South of Prague. It used to be the seat of the powerful Rožmberk (Rosenberg) family. Let your guide show you the most beautiful spots in Český Krumlov: the town has well-preserved Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture to admire. The Český Krumlov Castle with its famous Cloack Bridge and one of the best preserved Baroque theatres in the world is a must-see.