Classical concerts in Prague

Prague is the Mekka of classical music and cultural events. While in Prague, why not try a classical concert, opera, or ballet performance? Below you will find some of the most exquisite concert venues in Prague:

1. Smetana Hall in Municipal House
2. Rudolfinum Dvořák Hall
3. Clementinum Mirror Chapel
4. Boccaccio Hall
5. The National Theatre
6. The Estates Theatre
7. The State Opera

1. Smetana Hall in Municipal House - the largest concert hall of Prague

Lover of Art Nouveau style? Smetana Hall in Municipal House, named after famous Czech composer Bedřich Smetana, will take your breath away. The best way how to explore this exquisite hall is to attend one of the great classical concerts held here. Whether it is Prague Symphony Orchestra, residing in Municipal House, or some of other grand orchestras or chamber ensembles, you won´t leave disappointed.

The Smetana Hall, bearing the name of famous Czech composer Bedřich Smetana, is the central hall of the Municipal House, pearl of Art-Nouveau style. Representative Smetana Hall was the site of the independent Czechoslovak Republic declaration in 1918. Nowadays it serves predominantly as a concert hall.

Beautiful Art Nouveau decorations – paintings with Slavic motifs, decorative stained glass ceiling, gilded lamps, beautiful organ – all this creates an unusually harmonic whole, which is a worthy area for implementation of the greatest treasures of Czech and world classical music.

The Municipal House in Prague was built at the place of the former Royal Court in 1912 to celebrate the Czech nation. It is a representative building which for its splendor and beautiful decorations is one of the jewels of Prague architecture. Although the building is usually described as an "Art Nouveau" edifice it is more of a blend of neo-Baroque, neo-Renaissance, western and oriental influences, and Czech Art Nouveau style.

Today, the Municipal House in Prague offers a wide range of multifunctional premises in which all sorts of events are held (exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows, charity events, companies' shows, etc.). There is also a great and highly recommendable French restaurant, Municipal House Café, and American bar.

Municipal House is, above all, a great venue for Prague classical music concerts and one of the prime venues of the world-famous Prague Spring Festival.  Don´t miss your chance to visit a great classical music concert in one of the nicest concert venues in Prague!



2. Rudolfinum Dvořák Hall - Prague´s most famous concert hall 

Rudolfinum is the seat of the Czech Philharmonic and classical concerts held in its main hall, named after composer Antonín Dvořák, are among the very best that you can attend in Prague. The elegant interior blending with impeccable acoustics makes every visit of Rudolfinum Dvořák Hall unforgettable.

The elegant Neo-Renaissance building of Rudolfinum was built between 1876-1884. It was conceived as a multipurpose cultural center with concert and exhibition halls. The building was taken under the patronage of the heir of the Habsburg throne, the archduke Rudolph after whom the building was named.

The main Dvořák Hall is considered as one of the most beautiful concert halls in Prague with excellent acoustics particularly suitable for symphonic and oratorial, as well as chamber music. There is also a magnificent organ in the Dvořák Hall. Festive atmosphere and great classical music and jazz concerts in Rudolfinum will not let you forget this exceptional venue.

Between 1919 and 1941 Rudolfinum served temporarily as an assembly hall of Czech Parliament. Since then it has functioned as a concert hall, exhibition space, and a seat of the Czech Philharmonic. Two concert halls stage the most prominent classical music concerts such as the Dvořák Prague or Prague Spring festivals. 

In 1896 the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák conducted Czech Philharmonic performing his Symphony No. 9 "From the New World". That´s how the history of Czech Philharmonic, Rudolfinum and Dvořák Hall began...


3. Clementinum Mirror Chapel - chamber music in baroque splendor

In the mood for an hour of excellently played classical music? Then don´t miss concerts in Clementinum Mirror Chapel. Enjoy selections of the most iconic classical pieces, performed by small ensembles with organ or opera singer, in this magnificent chapel. After the concert, we suggest you continue your walk to the nearby Charles Bridge.

Klementinum is one of the largest complexes in Europe consisting of the Baroque library, Meridian hall, Astronomical tower and Mirror Chapel. It is also the main seat of the National Library. The Klementinum´s Baroque Mirror Chapel frequently host chamber classical music concerts.

Listen to the chamber classical musicor even jazz music in an opulently decorated ceremonial space. The Mirror Chapel, originally dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary,  is a unique sanctuary and one of the churches of the former Jesuit college,Prague Klementinum. 

The Mirror Chapel was built in 1725 most likely by František Maxmilian Kaňka. The impressive installations of Baroque mirrors on the ceiling make the chapel unparalelled worldwide. Together with gilded stuccos of Bernardo Spinetti, marble panelling and ceiling frescoes by Jan Hiebl, these mirrors create great artistic value of the interior.

The chapel had been repeatedly desecrated and consecrated until it became a Prague classical concert and exhibition hall in 1936. The Mirror Chapel houses two precious Baroque organsand classical concerts held here are a unique and unforgettable experience.

4. Boccaccio Hall - dinner concert with candles in the heart of Prague

A lover of Mozart´s music? Get enchanted by charming airs from Mozart´s operas accompanied by tasty dinner, that all in the breathtaking and luxurious Boccaccio Hall, a ballroom of Grandhotel Bohemia. 

Boccaccio Ballroom: a breathtaking beauty & a masterpiece of artificial marble, gold, and crystal glass. The hall is placed in a luxurious five stars hotel Grand Hotel Bohemia. Built in 1927, the hall immediately became one of the favorite places for Prague´s high society events. "Soireés dansantes" were held here with the participation of famous people, like Jan Masaryk, a Minister for Foreign Affairs, or then US ambassador to the Czech Republic and many others.

Boccaccio Ballroom of Grand Hotel Bohemia is located in the very heart of the Old Town quarter in the center of Prague. The ballroom was given its name according to Giovanni Boccaccio and his Decameron and it is built in Neo-Baroque architectural style.

You can admire the original parquet floor made of wooden cassettes, where each cassette consists of 9 different types of oriental wood or fragile and glittering beauty of the central chandelier, which was made out of 4000 hand-made pieces.

The Boccaccio ballroom of Grand Hotel Bohemia remains one of the most interesting historical ballrooms in Prague and provides an excellent setting for a musical and dining event of top quality.


5. The National Theatre - top opera and ballet performances 

Don´t miss the most representative theatre of the Czech Republic. On the stage of The National Theatre, you will see top operas and ballet performances in Prague. Your artistic experience will be complemented by the beauty of the theatre interior, ornated by leading Czech artists of the 19th century. Don´t forget to make use of the break to get some tasty refreshments at the foyer bar.

The National Theatre is the most important theatre of the Czech Republic. It was built from the desire of the Czech people for national independence. Its building was financed from the collections on which participated broad masses of people as well as important donators (including the nobility and the emperor himself). The theatre foundation ceremonial on 16th May 1868 became a national celebration.

The theatre was opened in 1881. In the same year the theatre burned down, and this tragic event caused a huge wave of new collections to support the restoration of the theatre. The Prague National Theatre was re-opened in 1883 by the opera Libuše by Bedřich Smetana and since then it has been serving as a place of Czech national identity and as a flagship of the Czech culture to these days.

6. The Estates Theatre - follow the steps of W. A. Mozart

The Estates Theatre is the only surviving theatre where W. A. Mozart conducted his operas. One of the most beautiful historic theatre buildings in Europe is in operation continuously since 1783. 

The theatre was built by enlightened and patriotically minded Count Nostitz Rieneck, who thus aimed to enhance the cultural life of Prague inhabitants. Although presenting plays in the German language at first, the theatre soon started staging also Czech plays. In 1798 the Theatre was bought by the Czech Estates, hence its today´s name.

The Estates Theatre is inseparably linked with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The composer has visited Prague a couple of times to compose and give concerts here, and in 1787 he presented his opera The Marriage of Figaro in the Estates Theatre.

Under the impression of its enthusiastic reception, Mozart composed the Don Giovanni opera for Prague, and personally conducted its world premiere in the Estates Theatre. The opera was an immense success and that is how Don Giovanni and the Estates Theatre have entered history. Nowadays, you can see opera, drama and ballet performances in this beautiful theatre.

7. The State Opera - breathtaking opera venue

Visit the recently re-opened and newly refurbished grand opera house to enjoy a top opera performance. Prague State Opera is a theatre with a remarkable history, it is one of the scenes of The National Theatre, and it belongs to the most important music scenes in Europe. Many world-renown artists have worked here, making each performance a prime cultural event.

This Neo-classical edifice was built in 1883 by the German Theatre Association as a reaction of the German minority in Prague to the opening of the Prague National Theatre. As the New German Theatre, it soon gained international acclaim for its innovative repertoire and artistic leadership including such names as Angelo Neumann, Alexander Zemlinski, or Georg Szell.

Nowadays, famous operas, as well as pieces unjustly overlooked or unknown in the Czech Republic are introduced in the State Opera gaining the theatre a reputation of one of the best European scenes where you can enjoy watching mainly opera and ballet performances.


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